7 reasons why words come up short describing Andreas Helgstrand.

40 YEARS OLD: To us he is 4 perfect 10's  

OBVIOUS 007 MATERIAL: Pulling off a James Bond black tie look can be the ultimate style move when it's done right. A well-tuxed man is a well-dressed one. And when it comes to tuxes, nobody does it quite like Bond (or Andreas Helgstrand for that matter). He’s attractive, smooth and masculine. What can we say? 

THOUGHTFUL TO MARIANNE, HIS STUNNINGLY WONDERFUL WIFE: To Helgsrtand thoughtfulness is more than just thinking about someone, it’s turning that thought into an action - showing how much and deeply you care.

ENERGIZING TO BE AROUND: He is a person that other people are naturally drawn to. He adds to or boost the positive energy in other people, making them feel uplifted, motivated and inspired.

MONEY TALK: He talks a lot about the price of things and the expense of this or that, but still know that happiness can’t be bought.

LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST: He enjoys each and every moment of life, following your hopes and dreams, and not your fears. To you every day is a new challenge and opportunity to discover something new, and to appreciate life’s every second. He’s not afraid to forgive yourself, appreciate others, listen to his gut, do things he enjoys, or to remind himself, your family and your friends that we are all loved and connected.

AN EXCELLENT RIDER: He is an Olympic rider extraordinaire, with a medal to prove it. But let's face it’s boring to go on and on, with what words can't describe...