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  • September Recap

    17 October 2022 - Blog

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  • Our Competition Debut

    11 July 2022 - Blog

    We can’t be prouder of our team of two- and four-legged friends, as they partnered up to take on some real dressage competition in their debuts!

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  • Dressage Olympics 2024 in Versailles

    01 June 2022 - Blog

    Life is good: the foals here at Château de Fontaine are happy and healthy, our competition horses are kicking ass, and the Paris 2024 Olympics are right around the corner.

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  • Romanova and her babies

    21 May 2022 - Blog

    Romanova takes on a wonderful new challenge. With it comes both great responsibility and three lovely, fuzzy muzzles.

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  • Three More Newcomers

    22 April 2022 - Blog

    This week, we can gladly introduce three additional newcomers to this year’s group of foals: Beaumont, Rocamadour and Bayeux. Let’s take a look at the different cities they are named after.

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  • A Day in the Life of a Pregnant Surrogate Mare

    02 April 2022 - Blog

    The life of a pregnant surrogate mare is not easy, but they have valiantly reached the final stretch of their 11-month odyssey and can soon embrace the fruit of their many efforts. While we excitedly count the final days go by, we take a peek at what a day of being a (very) pregnant surrogate mare looks like.

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  • Getting Ready for the Foaling Season

    31 January 2022 - Blog

    This year’s foals are expected any minute now, and so everyone, two-legged and four-legged alike, are busy seeing to the final preparations. It is, afterall, important to be greeted both with safety and good company when you first set hoof in this strange world.

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  • Haras du Pin

    16 January 2022 - Blog

    It’s easy to realise you’re dreaming, but a lot harder to realise your dreams. A steady beacon of inspiration to draw from is therefore essential, and Château de Fontaine’s beacon in this regard has time and again been Haras du Pin. Find out why in this week's blog…

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  • Life as a Sports Horse

    28 December 2021 - Blog

    Follow along as we take a peek at what The Fantastic Four get up to here at Château de Fontaine. From meal time to work time to play time, our four sports horses are always busy.

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  • Merry Christmas!

    23 December 2021 - Blog

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  • Escaping the Cold

    21 November 2021 - Blog

    As the bite of flies steadily gets replaced by the bite of winter, the foals at Château de Fontaine cozy up in the stables to escape both. Spending their time either munching on some hay, taking a nap, or trying to find someone who wants to play.

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  • La Forêt de Beaumont

    31 October 2021 - Blog

    Forêt de Beaumont stands regally along the edges of the Château de Fontaine grounds. A place of equal mystery and magic, the forest is full of unforeseen wonders and home to all those who want to live close, but not too close, to life at the Château.

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  • A Day With Naya

    11 October 2021 - Blog

    Naya, our lively Vizsla mascot working and living at Château de Fontaine, shares what a typical day would look like for her and dives into some of her thoughts throughout.

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  • Bolette Wandt Chasing Childhood Dreams

    27 September 2021 - Blog

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  • Meet Mik!

    13 September 2021 - Blog

    Catch a glimpse of the journey and thoughts that have shaped Mik, the superstar groom at Helgstrand Dressage who has the hefty responsibility of keeping Queenspark Wendy looking fresh and feeling healthy.

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  • We Love Wendy

    05 September 2021 - Blog

    Take a peek of Wendy's life behind the scenes, when she doesn't have her game face screwed on tight!

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  • Summer at the Château

    22 July 2021 - Blog

    Meet the gendarmes, tilleuls and rambling roses, all hardworking residences at the chateau. They don’t bite so don’t be afraid to take a close look:) .

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  • Foals on Summer Grass

    13 July 2021 - Blog

    Join us as the foals revel in the new experience of being on summer grass.

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  • Interview with Photographer Jean-Michel Berts

    30 June 2021 - Blog

    Discover the incredible Jean-Michel Berts, his works of art and the projects we have collaborated on!

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  • Meet Lola: The Mascot

    23 June 2021 - Blog

    Meet Lola: The Mascot and the face of our June cover!

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  • The Mares of Château de Fontaine and Helgstrand Dressage

    03 June 2021 - Blog

    The Stars of the Show, the Supermodel Mares...

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  • Paris is Calling!

    19 May 2021 - Blog

    Faites comme les Parisiennes!

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  • Exploring the Neighbourhoods of Normandy

    06 May 2021 - Blog

    Preparing for those post lockdown plans!

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  • FOAL SEASON 2021

    27 April 2021 - Blog

    Château de Fontaine and Helgstrand Dressage announce the 2021 Collection.

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  • Château de Fontaine x Rasmus Mogensen

    06 April 2021 - Blog

    A creative collaboration featuring our Supermodel Mares.

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  • Château de Fontaine Gold Medal Mare Duo to Compete in Ermelo

    31 July 2019 - Blog

    Two Château de Fontaine supermodels at the Longines FEI/WBFSH’s World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Ermelo, The Netherlands, on 1 - 4 August 2019.

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  • The Fighter

    09 February 2019 - Blog

    Mette Sejbjerg Jensen's career choice could easily be seen as obvious, but nothing could be further from the truth.

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  • Alert: The 2018 Hands-Down Hottest Fathers to Be

    10 April 2018 - Blog

    Do you have sunglasses on? Good, because you'll need them to see the Helgstrand stallions...

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  • Foaling Season 2018: The A-list

    15 February 2018 - Blog

    A is for attractive, adorable and amazingly well designed. Introducing the 2018 Château Fontaine x Helgstrand Dressage limited edition list of 20 embryos currently due, that will form this years foal collection.

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  • Foaling Season 2018: That Springtime Feeling

    14 January 2018 - Blog

    Nothing quite says spring as cuddly foals roaming the Château grounds...

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  • The Spirit of Christmas

    21 December 2017 - Blog

    We wish a “Joyeux Noël” and a “Bonne Année” to all the friends, employees and partners of Château de Fontaine...

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  • Three’s a Charm

    29 November 2017 - Blog

    Good things really do come in three.

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  • Young Horse Championships: Exciting Weekend Ahead

    12 October 2017 - Blog

    Château de Fontaine is privileged to have three youngsters qualified for the 2017 Danish Young Horse Championships Finals at Blue Hors, Oct. 13-15.

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  • Happy Birthday Mr. Helgstrand

    02 October 2017 - Blog

    7 reasons why words come up short describing Andreas Helgstrand.

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  • Discover the Equestrian Playground that is Château de Fontaine

    21 September 2017 - Blog

    This is where founder, créative at-large and dressage fan extraordinaire, Bolette Wandt, breeds her superstar foals from an A-list collection of mares.

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  • Casablanca sold to Cichoń Dressage

    14 August 2017 - Blog

    It's official. Casablanca who placed fourth at the 2017 World Championships for Young Dressage, has been acquired by 2016 Polish U25 Champion Mateusz Cichon.

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  • Here's Looking At You Kid

    08 August 2017 - Blog

    The 2017 final of the World Breeding Dressage Championships for five-year-olds proved a true triumph for Simone Pearce and Casablanca.

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  • A Perfect 10

    04 August 2017 - Blog

    Casablanca - the queen of trot..

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  • Florentina Qualified for the German National Championships for Young Horses

    02 August 2017 - Blog

    Eva Möller and the 4-year old Florentina won the Bundeschampionat qualification class held during the 2017 Westfalen-Woche in Münster-Handorf, Germany on 25 - 30 July 2017.

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  • 2017 Ermolo: Ready for Kick-off

    02 August 2017 - Blog

    The prestigious Longines FEI/WBFSH World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses will be held for the second time in Ermelo, Netherlands, from August 3rd to 6th 2017.

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  • Hands Down: Eva Möller and Florentina Wins in Münster-Handorf

    25 July 2017 - Blog

    German dressage rider Eva Möller and Florentina (For Romance x Sandro Hit) earned a victory at the Westfalian Championships after just two weeks of partnership.

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  • Oldenburg Foal Inspection: A Night to Remember

    18 July 2017 - Blog

    Sporting two Elite foals and 13 Premium foals, the 2017 Oldenburg Château de Fontaine foal inspection proved to be a smash success.

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  • SS2017 Video: Casablanca and Simone Pearce

    14 July 2017 - Blog

    Casablanca and Simone Pearce stars in SS2017 Château de Fontaine video shot by Mads Dreier.

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  • Beauties by Bergsham

    09 July 2017 - Blog

    Let’s take time to celebrate the four foals by Hutopia van Bergsham. One each by Don Deluxe and Revolution and two by Vincent Maranello.

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  • A Pinch-Worthy Moment: Three Mares Added to the Collection

    02 July 2017 - Blog

    We are excited to present the latest addition to the Château de Fontaine collection of supermodel mares.

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  • Good Looks run in the Family: Casablanca is the Dam of Three Full Siblings

    26 June 2017 - Blog

    Not only is 5 year old Casablanca qualified for the 2017 World Breeding Dressage Championships for young horses, she’s also the dam of three 2017 full siblings by Grand Galaxy Win.

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  • Interview: The It-Girl

    20 June 2017 - Blog

    We caught up with Australian born Simone Pearce and got the scoop on her taking on the dressage elite at the World Breeding Dressage Championships for young horses, aboard 5-year old Casablanca.

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  • Dressage Candy: Introducing Florentina

    16 June 2017 - Blog

    Florentina by For Romance x Sandro Hit is definitely the new cool kid on the block…

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  • Dressage Aficionados Take Note: Delorina at Auction

    30 May 2017 - Blog

    Delorina de Fontaine channels French girl style and luxurious sportiness at the very same time. Now the future star filly will be available for sale at the upcoming Nordic International Sales June 3, Aalborg, Denmark.

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  • Château de Fontaine Sees Baby Boom

    10 May 2017 - Blog

    A patter of tiny playful feet can be heard all over the Estate as we have welcomed new members of the Fontaine family.

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  • Coolness alert: Florina sold to Fiona Bigwood

    24 April 2017 - Blog

    The British Olympic team silver medal winning rider has acquired the 7-year old Florina from Château de Fontaine and Helgstrand Dressage.

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  • Meet granddad: Introducing Zantros S

    17 February 2017 - Blog

    A handsome stranger has made quite an entrance at the Estate of Château de Fontaine, dancing into our hearts and turning quite a few heads at the very same time.

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  • It’s official: International Grand Prix rider secures Fine Time ride

    14 February 2017 - Blog

    Katherine Bateson-Chandler’s long-time sponsor Jane Forbes Clark has secured the horse as the potential horse of a lifetime for the American Grand Prix rider.

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  • We’re Expecting

    10 February 2017 - Blog

    Heavily pregnant mares are beginning to fill the foaling stable in deep beds of warm straw at the Estate.

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  • The magic of Christmas

    23 December 2016 - Blog

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the magical Château.

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  • Tales of the Wild

    09 November 2016 - Blog

    A series of documentaries by French fashion house Dior, takes us on an extraordinary journey…

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  • Introducing our partner

    28 October 2016 - Blog

    We're excited to announce our partnership with Danish Grand Prix rider, trainer, horse dealer and stallion owner Andreas Helgstrand.

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  • Showtime: JBK Horse Shows

    27 October 2016 - Blog

    Hands down for Fine Time, Casablanca and Grandine who strutted their stuff throughout the 2016 Danish Equestrian Federation’s championship finals for youngsters.

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  • It’s no secret

    27 October 2016 - Blog

    We’re thrilled to announce that Danish Olympian Anna Kasprzak has acquired the 5-year old World Champion Victoria's Secret, from us and our business-partner Helgstrand Dressage.

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  • Out on stands

    27 October 2016 - Blog

    The A/W 2016 issue of one of our favourite magazines is out.

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  • Today’s inspiration: Le petit cheval

    27 October 2016 - Blog

    The love of painstaking workmanship is embodied at The Emile Hermès collection, Paris, France.

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