Château de Fontaine is privileged to have three youngsters qualified for the 2017 Danish Young Horse Championships Finals at Blue Hors, Oct. 13-15.

A highly popular event among dressage enthusiasts, the Danish Championship for young horses aims to find this year’s most talented up-and-coming horses.

Among the quality young horses participating in the finals are the stunning six-year-old Grandine ridden by Betina Jæger, as well as the two four-year-old supermodel mares L'atrice and Florentina ridden by Eric Guardia and Simone Pearce.

Asked about her exiting partnership with Florentina and expectations for the championships, Pearce said, "The partnership is still very new, but she's a horse with so much potential for the future. I'm just hoping to give her a positive experince at such a big show, and to develop her towards the very bright future I'm sure she's going to have." 


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