Hands down for Fine Time, Casablanca and Grandine who strutted their stuff throughout the 2016 Danish Equestrian Federation’s championship finals for youngsters. Placing 7 and 9 in the finals  and 3 in the B finals, making us extremely proud.

Don’t miss out on these snaps from behind the scenes, full results available here.

Fine TimeFine TimeResultat: http://live.rideforbund.dk/showResults.php?staevne=STV00008285&klasse=klasse207_A

CasablancaCasablancaResultat: http://live.rideforbund.dk/showResults.php?staevne=STV00008285&klasse=klasse206_A

GrandineGrandineResultat: http://live.rideforbund.dk/showResults.php?staevne=STV00008285&klasse=klasse204_A