Meet Mikkala, a.k.a. Mik, our beloved Wendy’s trusted partner-in-crime and groom at Helgstrand Dressage. Despite Wendy’s natural beauty and power, life isn’t always easy when you don’t have any hands but luckily, Mik is more than qualified to act as both Wendy’s left- and right-hand woman. In fact, Mik now celebrates 10 years of working with Helgstrand dressage so there is quite literally no one more suited to be at Wendy’s side. 



When asked about where her passion for horses stems from, Mik fondly remembers how her mum always had horses and how they have therefore always been a part of her life in some way. Mik couldn’t point to a specific, causational event and her love for horses seems to instead be something naturally passed down from mother to daughter. What she is extremely adamant about, however, is that today she couldn’t live without them.


With 10 years of experience under her belt at Helgstrand Dressage, there is no shortage of achievements and it’s therefore very understandable that Mik had a tough time answering when asked what she feels her biggest achievement has been. As Mik herself says, each show is different and every horse has their own story and set of achievements. Just being able to be a part of so many wonderful and gratifying journeys is perhaps in itself the biggest achievement. 



Some of the unforgettable moments that sprung to Mik’s mind included travelling to the world championship in Tryon with Severo Lopez and Deep Impact in 2018, as well as when Revolution was winning the world championship for 5-year-olds in 2018. Also, the fact that Mik herself is driving the huge lorries with the horses to all these international events goes to show her dedication and is sure to add to the feeling of achievement and gratification when things go well.


Regarding Wendy specifically, Mik barely had to think before smilingly recalling her getting a bronze medal at the world championship in 2019. While this is a feat anyone would happily work their whole careers for, Mik is also quick to point out that this is far from the end of the Wendy journey. When asked what she’s striving for in the future with Wendy, the smile becomes a little more serious as she states, “the Olympics. Paris. 2024”.



But we are sure that the two girls who have already taken the internet by storm with the #WeLoveWendy hashtag can do anything if they put their minds and muzzles to it. The

#WeLoveWendy that started when Wendy came third at the Danish Championship for 4-year-olds was the beginning of a journey that has already taken the two to unbelievable heights and we can’t wait to see where it will take them next. 


#WeLoveWendy and Mik!