Chateau de Fontaine x Helgstrand Dressage have done it again! We are so excited to announce the new collection of foals 2021. Once again, we have combined some of the best stallions in the world with the highest quality mares creating the rarest kind of breed.



We are expecting 14 in total to join the family, and have already welcomed the following 5 beauties:


Damasio De Fontaine - D’Avie x San Amour - (Mother Skyline)

Dove de Fontaine - D’Avie x Escolar - (Mother Edmée)

Vibert de Fontaine - Vivino x Desperados - (Mother Deevoice)

Rebell de Fontaine - Revolution x Desperados -  (Mother Deevoice)

Kamera de Fontaine - Kardieno x Desperados (Mother Deevoice)



We are so excited to meet our 9 future 2021 foal matches:


Dynamic Dream  x Escolar  (Mother Edmée)

Lord Europe x Vivaldi  (Mother Delly)

My Vitality x Blue Hors Zack -  (Mother Tzarina)

Dynamic Dream  x San Amour  (Mother Skyline)

Total Mclaren  x  Escolar  (Mother Edmée)   

Revolution x Desperados (Mother Deevoice) 

Total McLaren  x  Escolar  (Mother Edmée)   

Total McLaren  x  Escolar  (Mother Edmée)   

Jovian x For Romantic (Mother Prima Donna)


For more information on the stallions featured in our 2021 foal collection please visit Helgstrand Dressage via this link.