Last year Château de Fontaine collaborated on a project with Danish Photographer Rasmus Mogensen. He has worked with magazines such as German, Australian and Russian Vogue, French Elle, French Marie Claire, Tatler and many more well-known names and brands.
Rasmus created beautiful black and white images including some of our Mares, Deevoice, Edmée, Prima Donna and Romanova. We interviewed Rasmus and he gave us insight into the collaboration and his career.



Where are you from?
Denmark but I have lived in Paris for 26 years.

What brought you to Paris?
Love :)

How long have you been a photographer? And when did it start.

I knew I wanted to be a photographer since I was 8. I started off as an assistant at 15 years and have been in the business for 32 years now.

What do you photograph, what are your muses?
Fashion mostly, but I am inspired by many many things, especially cars.



Why did you decide to photograph horses? What was your favourite part?

I was so interested in the shape of a horse and wanted to study it, they are so sculptural, so I first reached out to Helgstrand Dressage ( and they recommended speaking to Bolette (Owner and founder of Château de Fontaine Haras Dressage) and she was so excited to do a shoot together. I wanted to create this feel that the shoot was done in a studio when in fact it was shot at Château de Fontaine. It was so inspiring to be there, the feel, the atmosphere, it was such a beautiful environment to work in. I really bonded with Bolette and the whole family were so welcoming, they all got involved. It was so much fun!



How different was it to work with horses?

To be honest it went so smoothly, it helped having well trained horses and having Bolette there to help with them, it was a joyful experience.

Any words or advice for aspiring photographers? Something you wish you knew when you first started. & what should they prepare for?

I would say to be flexible and more adapting to circumstances, educate yourselves. People who are just starting have the chance to excel, give 250% effort, be passionate. Never rest if you want to be successful! Also, it doesn’t matter what equipment/camera you use, it’s the person using it that creates the content. It’s like asking a baker what oven they use, it doesn’t matter, if the batter wasn’t right in the first place, it wouldn’t be successful.


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